Safe Students App

SafeStudents™ is the simplest way for students to report Bullying and suicide concerns to school administrators anytime, anywhere, privately and securely using their own mobile device.

Photo Track Apps

PhotoTrack® detects new images from your monitored iPhone & Android devices. When Texting or Screen Capturing content is detected, PhotoTrack sends notification to a parent or guardian stating that a new photo was sent/received from the teens monitored iPhone or Android device. We do not keep your child’s content on our servers, nor do we include flagged content in alert notifications. PhotoTrack’s purpose is NOT for spying on individuals! Its purpose is to help prevent the devastating consequences of Sexting and Screen Capturing improper photos!

Face Pixelator

Face Pixelator is easy and very interesting application that auto face detection and pixelate to selected picture from your photo library.
Even if it can not detect faces enough, don’t worry. You can add the pixel effect just tapping or scratching image.
Enjoy the technology!

Gallery Guardian

Gallery Guardian is an app that helps you keep your children safe on their smartphones. Uniquely powered by systemic software that can detect full or partial nudity in photos, Gallery Guardian sends you alerts when inappropriate images are being created or saved to your child’s photo album. With Gallery Guardian, you can protect your children without invading their privacy or installing spyware onto your child’s device.


STOPit is transforming the way the world reports and prevents inappropriate behavior. Communities and organizations, such as schools, businesses, and governments, depend upon the individuals within them to speak up in order to keep people safe and mitigate risk. With a simple mobile app, STOPit instantly and anonymously enables users to share information with those who can help resolve issues.

Chaperone: Safety and Security

Chaperone is a personal safety and security app with essential features to act as your virtual bodyguard, 24/7/365 at your request. Your Chaperone is professionally trained to assess and respond to emergencies (and the global leader in safety solutions). The monitoring service, your Chaperones, combined with innovative technology and sensible features (both passive and active) solve for every day, real life situations that will improve your quality of life and give your loved ones peace of mind knowing you have Chaperone with you. Perfect for everyone, anytime you feel unsafe. Family and friends can’t come to the rescue but your Chaperone can so don’t wait until it’s too late!