COMPEL AMERICA is an adolescent empowerment organization whose mission is to both prevent and eradicate youth bullying through a community approach. It is our mission to recognize indications of intimidating and oppressing behavior amongst juveniles, and go forth to change knowledgeattitudes, and innate behavioral patterns of bullying at the root, in order to soften the impact on others.

A TRUE PIONEER of this approach, Compel America’s developmental program aims to influence the ‘aggressors’ to work to correct their behavior, instead of only helping the ‘victims’, as is typically seen in other anti-bullying organizations. It is our goal to use the influence of local celebrities, athletes, and educators in a dynamic and carefully curated after-school programs to empower voices large and small in the community to take a stand against verbal and non-verbal violence.

COMPEL AMERICA goes beyond simply providing temporary solutions on how to respond to all forms of bullying and help those affected by it. We aim to influence and change the cultural norms around bullying, especially among younger generations.