Georges St-Pierre
UFC Legend
“I like Compel because it has a different approach to counter bullying… Compel works with the bully…. If we can find the cause and intervene, that’s the best approach.  My name is Georges St-Pierre and I stand with Compel!”
Chuck Wepner
Boxer, The “Real Rocky”
“Nobody really likes a bully… you won’t get any respect being a bully…. Bully got bullied himself and then carried it on.  Kids are growing up thinking “it’s cool” and typically kids copy that behavior from someone older…. I don’t believe the kids grow up “bad” from birth, they can always change.”

Identifying Bullying

Cyber Bullying

Abusive Relationships

Being the Bully

Phone Harassment

Workplace Bullying


Conference or Event Schedule
Oct. 17th
Bridgewater-Raritan Regional High School
600 Garretson Rd, Bridgewater, NJ 08807
Nov. 14th
Brooklyn College
2900 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11210


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