Iurii Merezhnikov was born in Russia, he is 26 years old and currently manages Dental Beauty Dental Center just outside Philadelphia, PA.

Black belt in Judo, National and Pan American Sambo Champion, he was never a bully, but always helped those who were bullied. Giving a good example for kids in his school, he was the reason many students joined Judo classes and other martial arts.

Coming to the United States, he settled in Philadelphia – City of Brotherly Love, however, things were not so smooth for him in the beginning. “When certain types of people see me – they want to test me, I wouldn’t necessarily call that bullying, but it’s just not my cup of tea” – Iurii says. Quickly immersing into the American lifestyle, he quickly realize the sad truth about America – bullying is part of the society, and usually bullies pick the weakest targets, those who can’t fight back. Iurii never accepted that as the proper state of things, and have always stood up for the victims of bullying.

It’s in Iurii’s nature to help people, to make people around him better, to encourage and motivate them. He loves being a part of Compel America and considers it a great honor.