Yitz Grossman has experienced many highs and lows in his 66 years on this earth and 45-year business career. A child of Holocaust survivors, he speaks of surviving bullying, physical and sexual abuse, and how silence shaped his life.  Yitz has a unique ability to engage with his audience and leave them with hope for better times ahead. From the highs of chairmanship of a public company and sitting on the Board of others, to the lows of prison and the lessons learned throughout, Yitz weaves and blends his inspirational messages.

Yitz is an accomplished writer and his weekly postings on the Bible and lessons in humanity and proper peer to peer’s behavior, are read weekly by hundreds of thousands around the world. Following prison, where he witnessed adult bulling, Yitz decided to dedicate time to speaking out on the topic. After exhaustive research he discovered Compel and has been one of our most sought-after speakers. Combining his vast knowledge of the Bible, his unique ability to use self-deprecating humor, and to make people laugh and cry, he has audiences asking for more and more.

Yitz delivers inspiring messages to his audiences, asking them to put each of life’s experience into a box and then move on. No one gets by life unscathed. Everyone falls down and the only difference between a winner and loser is that the winner gets up one more time than he falls down.