School Professional Development ( Two Days )

Day 1:  Survey School for current climate and culture prior to fully designing staff professional development. (adjust according to needs and capabilities). Meet with leadership; collect data; finalize goals and objectives; action steps and outcomes.

Day 1 and 2:
PD – Full School Staff Presentation

  1. Ice Breaker
  2. Adverse Childhood Experiences
  3. Adverse Community Experiences
    1. ACES Assessment Tool

Social Emotional Learning Competencies Overview Presentation

  1. Self Awareness
  2. Self Management
  3. Social Awareness
  4. Relationship Building
  5. Responsible Decision Making

Break Out Session –  School Self Assessment – What do we need?

PD – School Mentors & Administrative Support Staff Workshop

  1. Program Plan
    1. Expectation
    2. Schedules
    3. Costs
  2. Program Deliverables
    1. Training
    2. Programming
    3. Athlete in Residence
    4. School Responsibilities
    5. Mentor Responsibilities
    6. Student Participation
    7. Community Engagement
  3. Program
    1. Big 3 Activities (Three days with Athlete – Day 1, Day 6, and Day 12
    2. Weekly Activities ( 90 Minutes after school)
    3. Delivery
    4. Supplies
    5. Snacks
    6. Transportation
    7. Data Collection
    8. Give Back
Day 1 – Kick Off  – 90 Minutes with Athlete
THE KICKOFF — commencement of the entire program!



15 MINUTES is the intro day. Everyone gathers and sits, and the ATHLETE introduces himself, and doesn’t get into much of the lesson, but engages the crowd and excitement about what they’ll be doing during the program, what they’ll be learning…. PROPOSES a GAME for the next 30 minutes:: THE LABEL NEVER COMES OFF.

30 MINUTE ENGAGEMENT ACTIVITY: Someone said something negative to them, about them…. Each kid has a sticky note and has to write it down and put it on their shirt. Then they have to walk around the room, and read the sticky notes of other students…. SHOW and prove how people should not be treated this way… LESSON: All of those things are still stuck to you… even though anyone doesn’t see them. FIND PEOPLE with the SAME STICKIES (hurtful words) and HAVE A CONVERSATION. Finding comfort in like personalities. Talking is KEY, as well as listening. * PART OF WHAT THE ATHLETE WANTS TO DO IS START TO PURGE NEGATIVE EMOTIONS FROM THE KIDS….. HELP them understand these are things that people have said about them and it’s OK to express it! Most children will still be guarded with these hurtful words or things.. And will eventually express in Part 2 of Athlete.

15 MINUTE — ATHLETE TELLS ‘SHOCK AND AWE’ learning part of the story. “STEP INTO MY SHOES” :: puts a pair of shoes down, and asks the crowd who they think they belong to. ATHLETE tells their story and something completely opposite of what you’d expect, an aspect of their own life. “THIS IS THE PERSON I WAS, THIS IS THE PERSON I AM NOW.”

30 MINUTE — after the kids are impacted emotionally by the story, they engage in a fun fanfare and interactive activity with the athlete…. ‘Breaking up the monotony’ and making sure they have something to take their mind off things. 30 MIN ACTIVITY like a football or basketball camp activity, to get them laughing again.

15 MINUTE final takeaway: LESSON FOR UPCOMING WEEK 2: Alphabet soup. “C IS FOR CHANGE” CHANGE IN UNDERSTANDING…. CHANGE IN INTENT… CHANGE IN PURPOSE… CHANGE IN WORDS…. Task: Students pick out a letter out of their first name…. And give a negative word to what they ‘THINK’ a bully thinks about them or has called them in the past….. Then picks a SECOND word from that same letter…. And ‘CORRECTS’ the bully, with a word of what they should be or should become.


Identifies which kids are in the program… also gives them a change to start thinking about their “WHAT’S IN MY OWN SHOES’ story.


Day 2 – After School Mentor Activities (90 Minutes) Bullying Behaviors & Self Awareness
Give Meaning to Your…….

Objectives: We will determine what Bullying Behaviors look like;  we will explore those who bully and those who are bullied; we will discuss what to do when you are a bystander to bullying; and we will explore our own emotions/feelings; we will give meaning to our emotions/feelings and behaviors.


Select a bullying situations (video or written) to open discuss on Bullying. (38)

Questions to Ponder as you watch:

  1. What do you think the character is feeling right now, and why do you think that? How would you feel in that situation and why?
  2. How are you feeling about what is happening in the story and why?
  3. How does the character choose to express her or his emotions? Is that a good way?
  4. What is the conflict or problem in this part of the story? How do the characters solve the conflict or problem? Is it a win/win solution? Would you solve the issue in a different way?

Emotions Activity – understanding our emotions..  Use emoji charts – each student learns to do a check up – from the neck up..  Then look around from the neck down.

Follow up:  Select a reading story that is filled with emotions and multiple characters. Have students focus on their own emotions as you read the story to them.

  1. Pause throughout reading: Ask: How are you feeling right now?
  2. Who is feeling happy? Who is feeling sad? Who is feeling angry? Who is feeling hurt?  Who is feeling scared? Who is feeling love?

WHAT WORDS DO YOU FEEL WHEN YOU’RE BULLIED…. MASLOW’s TRIANGLE: ANGER… IMPULSIVITY….. ANXIETY…. INSECURITY…. Enforcing more of the ‘PURGE” phase of the program! Where the kids can slowly get all of the emotions out and prepare for the return of the athlete, as a ‘guide’ to say…. It’s OK to feel this way… tell me how you feel… because I feel or have felt the same.

Students will receive a “My Social Emotional Journey Journal”.

Day 3 – After School Mentor Activities (90 Minutes) Self Regulation
Erase & Replace

Objectives:  We will explore areas of individual abilities; Who Are We?; Who are You? How can we co-exist?  We will write goals to help regulate our behaviors and feelings; we will learn to erase and replace thoughts of self doubt or hurtfulness using visualization tools.


Breathing activities

Day 4 – After School Mentor Activities (90 Minutes) Building Empathy
Emotions Drive Behavior

Objectives: We will explore how our behaviors affect the feelings of others; we will explore ways to calm the brain and body; we will learn to respond to anger; we will learn the characteristics of highly sensitive children;


Day 5 – After School Mentor Activities (90 Minutes) Writing their own story
Shifting Mindsets- I matter!

Objectives:  We will practice gratitude; we will learn to control our impulses and focus our positive intentions; we will learn how calm and soothe ourselves; we will focus on inspiring self-talk.


TAKE HOME ACTIVITY…. Could be this week or the week prior….. KIDS WRITE LETTERS TO THE ATHLETE about something that happened to them, and how they reacted differently because they were THOUGHTFUL AND AWARE. Kids will get to STAND UP AND READ THAT LETTER outloud to the ATHLETE as a source of pride and the athlete will react and encourage them!

Day 6 – 90 Minutes with Athlete (90 minutes, after 4 weeks of workshops)



15 MINUTES ATHLETE RETURNS: Welcome return, how is everyone doing…. FIRST LESSON FROM THE ATHLETE…. TEACHING EMPATHY… SELF-AWARENESS… TEACHING ABOUT BYSTANDERS…. What makes bystanders worse than actual bully’s? The crowds egging and cheering them on.

30 MINUTES activity teaching the difference between a BULLY and a BYSTANDER…. SOCIAL MEDIA BYSTANDERS, and CYBER BULLIES.

15 MINUTES then STUDENTS EACH have to ALL STAND UP AND SPEAK. No excuses everyone has to read their LETTERS TO THE ATHLETE about something that happened to them and how they reacted….. ATHLETE ENCOURAGES THEM. If something happened or sparked their mind about cyberbullying… maybe a video to show this…. Each student gives an example and says why BYSTANDERS are bad too.

30 MINUTES activity ATHLETE READS THEIR MEAN TWEETS! Athlete goes through their own social media and reads a mean or untrue thing someone has written about them and the kids will LAUGH (much like Jimmy Kimmel does this activity) because the KIDS WILL LEARN THIS IS UNTRUE hurtful and useless things that people say.

 TAKEAWAY GAME:: SAY and WATCH what you SEE and don’t SEE…. the impact of viral videos, and subconscious thoughts… further exercising self-awareness….. ATHLETE NEEDS TO REINFORCE that this BYSTANDER, CYBERBULLY, SOCIAL MEDIA effect is no good for their growing minds! Because when THEY say it, THEY listen.

Day 7  After School Mentor Activities (90 Minutes) Conflict Resolution

Objectives: We will learn four approaches for dealing with conflict; we will practice steps to resolving conflicts; we will learn to ask questions when making decisions; we learn to step back from conflict; we will find the benefits in difficult times.


PART OF WHAT THE ATHLETE REINFORCED…. LAST WEEK… Teaching children about CONFLICT RESOLUTION. Remembering that athletes STEP INTO MY SHOES story, and starting to install that conflict resolution portion of the program. HOW TO REACT. Discussing DECISION MAKING…. The steps to REACT… calming yourself… not opening your mouth… how to respond or react to a bully.

Day 8 – After School Mentor Activities (90 Minutes) Positive Purpose
I Will!

Objectives: We will focus on listening skills; we will read the feelings in others; we will explore fairness and discrimination; we will learn that sterotyping is harmful.


Day 9 – After School Mentor Activities (90 Minutes) Bringing a family member / positive influence to the after school session
I Did!

Objectives: We will seek to build tolerance for those who are different than us; we will focus on healthy relationships; we will find intrinsic motivation and to believe in ourselves as individuals; we will learn to say good-bye to who we were!


Day 10 – After School Mentor Activities (90 Minutes) Commitment to Change
Effort Equals Reward

Objectives: We will practice conflict resolution, we will identify ways to make a difference in your school and community; we will put in effort and seek assistance when we are challenged with doing what’s right. We will speak up in our communities to help foster a better, kinder, more tolerance world!


Design ideas for mural and layout.

Day 11 – After School Mentor Activities (90 Minutes) – Give Back Project
Empathy Always Wins!

Objectives: We will design a mural that expresses our EMPATHY ALWAYS WINS motto! We will Speak UP!


 Homework for this week…. Start to think and draw up a concept for the final week’s “ART SQUARE” mural, work with teachers, programmers, to help the student perfect, understand and properly express what that symbol, word, or person painted for the IMPACT MURAL WALL can best represent the completion of the COMPEL program. Also think about the message they want to give back to the ATHLETE to thank them for what they’ve done.

Day 12 – Final 90 Minutes with Athlete
The COMPLETION of the program day:



ART MURAL Day to creatively illustrate the impact of the athlete, the lessons learned, in the form of a semi-permanent ‘expression’ WALL, where each student/pupil in the program get’s a SQUARE of art space, and paint. And paints (per last week’s rough draft and brainstorming) a picture or an idea of the lessons they learned throughout the program.

ATHLETE RETURNS (DIGITALLY) and gives a final 5 MINUTE SEND OFF MESSAGE to the kids, and thanks them for all the hard work and things they’ve put in. Perhaps depending on the athlete and the team, they can get their NFL/NHL/MLB/NBA organization to put together maybe a 1 minute short of a number of different people in their organization (faces the kids would recognize, coaches, other players) to thank them as well. But again that’s depending on the athlete and the situation. Athlete FaceTimes in for 5 minutes wishing the kids GOODLUCK and he’ll be excited to see what they paint.

15 MINUTES — ATHLETE RETURN DIGITAL MESSAGE, Staff orientation about where the supplies are, what they’re meant to do, getting organized.

30 MINUTES — FIRST CHUNK OF PAINTING, and a video crew will be on staff to ask each of the children to say what they are most grateful for, what they learned, and a quick message to the athlete that helped with the program. This is all during their painting session.

15 MINUTES — 5-8 MINUTE EXERCISE BREAK (Jumping Jacks, or toe-taps, some generic gymnasium exercise) 7-8 MINUTE SNACK BREAK.

30 MINUTES — PAINTING. And FINALIZATION OF THE PROJECT…. Video team captures the day.

PART OF THE FINAL VIDEO/TAKEAWAY, is a surprise to the ATHLETE from the students and the kids about each of them telling the ATHLETE why they changed their lives, impact, perspective. The program ends with a big celebration, team together, the paint dries. And that’s it! They have a piece of COMPEL/RocaBella at their school forever.


To Do Checklist/ Parking Lot

  1. Parking Lot of Ideas from each week on Poster Board –
  2. Add journal outline
  3. Streamline activities
  4. Find a video for Bullying
  5. Find a short story for Bullying with many emotions
  6. Amygdala video clip for educators:
  7. Amygdala video for kids:
  8. Losing conrol of emotions video – Flipping your lid: